Today it’s been almost 30 years since I started to draw, That’s how my career began

Mis inicios como ilustrador | Jordi Labanda

Already as a child, I was enchanted by those splendid and elegant women from my mums magazines. Thus, it is no wonder that the characters that emerged from my first paintbrushes tried to capture the same attitude and style.

These are some of my first fashion sketches that I did wen I was underage and I was still testing many styles and finding my own.

Su primer portfolio de moda | Jordi Labanda

Mis inicios como ilustrador en Nueva York

Once I graduated I took my portafolio with me and I venture myself to New York.

This trip symbolized a significant change to my career and brought me the opportunity to contribute with The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

Many years have passed since then but I could say that I will

always keep this professional period in my heart of hearts.

Inicios como ilustrador en New York | Jordi Labanda

After my American adventure I came back to Spain with much more confidence and prepared to fill a gap in national fashion magazines.

My first work as an illustration in Spain it was at Woman magazine, an editorial were I devoted all my passion for illustration and to all kind of women.

Primeros bocetos de un ilustrador | Jordi Labanda
Bocetos revista Woman | Jordi Labanda

De las editoriales surgió el ‘boom’ de dibujos Jordi Labanda

My second Spanish commission and one of my works that I’m most proud of it is the weekly vignette that I’m still doing every Sunday at La Vanguardia Sunday Magazine.

This collaboration has allowed me to develop my own humoristic style and has given me voice when analyzing social changes, the influence of technology in our lives and criticize consumer society with all the irony I’m capable of.

The think that I like the most of this part of my work is to make the observer smile without cartoonishing to much and retaining a chic tone.

After 20 years this part of my work continues alive and kicking.

Evolución de bocetos | Jordi Labanda

I believe that my work started to be internationally recognizable thanks to my contribution with Wallpaper magazine, the editorial that placed the word lifestyle at everyone mouth.

It was at that stage when my visual world came of age, it extended beyond the image on the page and hinted at back story for my characters.

The mastery of color gave me a personal bright palette in balance with the use of shades always with and obsession for perfection and a tightly edition.

Dibujos Jordi Labanda | Jordi Labanda